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  • “A Role in the Remedy: Finding a Place for ISPs in the Digital Music World,” 29 LOY. L.A. ENT. L. REV. 387. Available at http://digitalcommons.lmu.edu/elr/vol29/iss3/4/
    • Abstract: It seems inevitable that ISPs will play a central role in the future of digital music.  Properly defining their role in a collective licensing system will allow for the calibration of a new balance of power in favor of users that will also allow copyright owners and new business models to thrive.
    • This paper was chosen as a winner of the 2009 Grammy Foundation Entertainment Law Initiative writing competition.
  • "Patents and the Distribution of Content," Independent Study, April 2009.
    • Abstract: As copyrighted works in digital form continue to drive new patented technological innovations, many of these patents may ultimately have the perverse effect of restricting the distribution of such copyrighted works.  The transition of music, movies, and video games to digital distribution models raises the concern that the creative construction of patent portfolios is introducing a new type of implicit control over the digital distribution of copyrighted works.
    • This paper needs to be rewritten in light of recent legal developments and my improved writing and editing skillz.
  • Antitrust Issues in the Digital Music Market
    • Paper and presentation given in my Fall 2009 Antitrust class

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Peer to Patent and Open Government:

  • C. Wong & J. Merante, “Peer-to-Patent Year One,” ABA Sci-Tech Lawyer, Vol. 5.2, Fall 2008.
  • Co-Editor and Contributor, Peer To Patent Second Anniversary Report, Center for Patent Innovations, New York Law School, July 2009, available at http://dotank.nyls.edu/communitypatent/ CPI_P2P_YearTwo_hi.pdf and Peer To Patent First Anniversary Report, Center for Patent Innovations, New York Law School, July 2008, available at http://dotank.nyls.edu/communitypatent/ P2Panniversaryreport.pdf
  • Research Assistant, Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful, by Beth Simone Noveck, Brookings Press 2009.

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